He Does

I read a lot of books.  I listen to a lot of preachers.  My head spins.  I am in a season of questioning like never before in my life.  The only one I’m not questioning is Jesus.  His unwavering love, the pursuit of humankind, and His touch in my life are simply – unquestionable.

Love others as you love yourself – who’s my neighbor – forgive – Kingdom come – do not judge – sell it all – cut if off – turn your cheek – say what you mean – invest in people they are the treasure – stop worrying – stay faithful – Be blessed, blessed, blessed (Matthew 5, 6, 7)!  Impossible!  But not with God (Luke 1:37).

There are tears on my pillow for the oppressed.  What does love look like when someone is hurting differently from myself.  How do I love the immigrant, the sex slave, the gay person, the transgender person, the woman who just had an abortion, the person of different ethnicity, the one with conflicting beliefs?  How does Jesus?  Even more challenging – the ones who leave my pillow soaked, face stained, and a pit in my stomach – how do I love them? The politicians with opposing views, the partisan evangelists, the money-grubbers, the radical liberals or conservatives?  How does Jesus?  And, the most challenging – the one whose thoughts and actions I know deeply, how does He love me?

It is as natural to Jesus as a physician who takes care of the sick.  He knows us in our common disease and our communal brokenness.   With all my visceral concerns, confusion, hurt, and frustration, I don’t wholly understand why Jesus loves us, but I am ever so thankful that He does and pray we are up for the challenge as He commissions us to do the same (John 13:34).